Why Has My Kitchen Extractor Fan Stopped Working

Why Has My Kitchen Extractor Fan Stopped Working

Why Has My Kitchen Extractor Fan Stopped Working

Having any piece of important hardware in your home that stops working can result in further complications along the way. This is especially the case for kitchen extractor fans. Aside from knowing the next step to take, it is also critical to try and get a grasp as to why it has ceased to function.

That’s why, In this blog, we will address the question ‘Why has my kitchen extractor fan stopped working?’

With new buildings being made to be as energy efficient as possible, and the UK aiming for 95% of its electricity usage to be low carbon by 2030, it is imperative to understand how we can make the most of our ventilation. This is where applications such as extractor fans and heat recovery ventilation units come in.

To prevent mould, fresh air should constantly be introduced into your dwelling daily, as it helps to regulate temperature and reduce condensation. Introducing fresh air can be as simple as having a ventilation routine, or installing extractors or MVHR units. Almost all of this is facilitated by ducting.

What is the best way to install a kitchen extractor fan?

What is the best way to install a kitchen extractor fan?

To avoid any issues down the line, unless you are a qualified builder or electrician, you should not install a kitchen extractor fan, or its electrical connections by yourself. For the sake of safety.

By neglecting this, you are not only putting yourself and other occupants at risk of injury, but you are also creating further problems down the line once the extractor fails to work as a result of the installation.

The best way to install a kitchen extractor fan is through the services of experts. Many services solely focus on the installation of extraction fans. If you are struggling to find any, you can contact us directly, if we have any suggestions of installers that are within your locality, we will share their details.

How to avoid fake installers

Unfortunately, there will be people within the building industry who promise to install the extractor fan for you for a ‘good price’. However, sometimes these prices are too good to be true. There are simple signs you can spot to separate honest people from potential scammers. They are…

  • Fake installers essentially do everything ‘off the cuff’ there generally isn’t any noticeable planning or procedure in the execution of their proposed services.
  • If they are buying the replacement extractor fan for you, they will demand you pay the cost of it without showing you the replacement they are looking to get.
  • They can not answer, or struggle with questions regarding the removal, installation, maintenance or electrical concerns you have about the extractor fan.

Why has my kitchen extractor fan stopped working?

Why has my kitchen extractor fan stopped working?

There are multiple reasons as to why a kitchen extractor fan has stopped working, here are some of the usual issues that can cause this.

  • The extractor is full of too much grime and dirt to work efficiently.
  • Internal motors are damaged or disconnected
  • Electrical issues in the building.
  • Physical damage to the extractor fan.

When diagnosing the issues your extractor fan may be dealing with, it is first important to check if your electrics are contributing to this.

Examples of this can be a fuse on the switchboard which only needs re-activating. Electrical issues usually show up after installation, rather than after an extended period. If you were responsible for sorting the extractor fan’s electrics, you may need assistance or a second opinion. If someone else has wired the extractor fan, you may need to recall them.

If your extractor fan has stopped working due to excessive dirt and dust, cleaning it yourself is a valid solution. However, we recommend asking for the expertise of a professional if you have a compromised immune system, or have physical issues which prevent you from cleaning the extractor properly.

If your extractor fan is still under manufacturer warranty, then it would be wise to call them if the issues are covered by the warranty. Depending on the stipulations, outside repair or maintenance can void your warranty.

Can my extractor fan be repaired on the same day?

This is entirely dependent on the issue at hand, and the repair person who is conducting the visit. Minor issues can be fixed on the day, as long as the repair person has the tools and parts on hand. Whereas more severe issues would require a replacement extractor fan.

How long can I go without using an extractor fan?

If you have discovered your extractor fan is not working and needs repair, we suggest making the calls and additional steps towards repair immediately. The longer you wait to repair the extractor fan, the easier it becomes for your home to be affected by humidity, and incidentally, mould.

How do I ventilate without a kitchen extractor fan?

For the time being, using your cooker hood, in conjunction with opening windows and/or the backdoor of the kitchen area is the most effective option for ventilation if your extractor fan is being replaced.

This is not a long-term solution, as the extended use of a cooker hood can contribute to a higher electricity bill, simply because it uses more electricity upon usage. You can mitigate this by opening windows for a longer period, but this can be difficult in the winter months.

Does a kitchen extractor fan kill mould?

Does a kitchen extractor fan kill mould?

No. We must clarify that ventilation prevents mould, it does not destroy it. Ventilation can come in the form of an open window, extractor fans and MVHR systems just to name a few.

If you want to get rid of mould permanently, you should use a mould surface cleaner, followed by an anti-mould paint. Anti-mould paint has fungicidal properties that prevent mould from growing on that surface for years.

It has the potential to remove the mould permanently, but that is only possible if the cause of the mould is addressed.

What happens if I don’t get rid of mould?

If mould is left unattended, then it will spread amongst other surfaces in the room it is in. Aside from the health concerns that mould can bring on, its spreading, especially in a room like a kitchen is extremely dangerous, as it has the potential to contaminate any food or drink it comes into contact with.

Avoiding this is next to impossible, as mould can spread via the air. You should make every effort possible to get rid of mould. If you are struggling to find the cause, there are mould removal services that can help.

Where can I buy kitchen extractor fans?

Reputable providers such as I-Sells have a wide variety of kitchen extractor fans available for you to purchase today. With brands such as Kair and Nuaire, and much more. Our range starts from affordable to premium smart extractor fans. View our range here.  

Invest in the best kitchen extractor fans today

At I-Sells, all things ventilation and ducting related is our speciality, we are here to answer the questions we know are common for those new to HVAC and what it encompasses.

We at I-Sells endeavour to ensure our customers have all the information they require before investing in our mould solutions. Be sure to visit our blog page to learn about the vast array of factors and issues surrounding ventilation, mould, condensation, and much more.

We hope to have answered the question ‘Why has my kitchen extractor fan stopped working?’

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