What ducting do I need for my cooker hood

What size ducting do I need?

We often get asked about the sizes of plastic ducting and when to use a certain system/size.

It all depends on your required application and here are the main 2 things you need to consider when deciding on your ducting size.

1. Amount of Airflow
Each size or “system” of ducting can only handle a certain amount of airflow. The term “Airflow” is simply the amount of air travelling through the ducting system. The amount of airflow you need will depend on the application of the room where the air is being extracted from.

A large kitchen, for example, will have a much higher airflow requirement than a small bathroom.

Another important thing to remember is that the Extract Fan or other ventilation systems such as an In-Line Fan has to be powerful enough to allow enough air movement to happen.

2. Space Requirements
How much available space do you have for your ducting? Take a look at our ducting size guide and compare the available space you have. Also, note that bigger sizes can cope with higher airflow requirements.

For further advice or if you need help choosing the correct ducting items please give us a call on 020 8463 9696 today.

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What ducting do I need for my cooker hood

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