Tips For Preventing Condensation Build-Up

Tips For Preventing Condensation Build-Up

Temperatures are dropping and in most cases, causing condensation problems for us all. There are two main causes of condensation:

1. Too much steam and moisture build up inside the house, rather than being vented outside. The build up usually happens in the kitchen, bathroom, or if drying clothes on radiators.

2. Temperature in some or all rooms is too low, which should be around 20°C. If possible, keep heating on throughout the day at regular intervals to maintain normal temperature levels. The biggest mistake is cranking up the heating when feeling too cold and leaving it off when you are not at home. It is all about maintaining the heat – not starting from scratch each time!

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Reducing condensation & dampness

  • Use a cloth to wipe down any moisture formed on windows in the morning.
  • If possible dry your washing outside or in the bathroom, remember to close the door and open the window unless a suitable humidity controlled extract fan is installed.
  • Avoid paraffin (flue less) heaters
  • Vent your tumble drier to the outside of you home.
  • While cooking, always cover pans and pots and be sure to extract the moisture where possible.
  • Recommended: Use a humidity controlled ventilation fan and forget about the above mentioned condensation causes.

Reducing bathroom condensation

  • Open a window after shower/bath, close the door so moisture does not escape to other rooms.
  • Having a cold shower, condensation is less likely to form this way.
  • Don’t be selfish, shower with someone else.
  • Recommended: Install a working humidity controlled extract fan, and set the relative humidity at 50%, to extract the moisture.

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Tips and suggestions only go so far, here are some products we recommend to help you solve your condensation problems in your home now!

Products for solving condensation

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