This time of year is pretty mouldy.

This time of year is pretty mouldy.

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Don’t worry, we’ve not got Seasonal Affective Disorder, we’re being literal. We’re currently in what we call in the business the ‘condensation season’. When it’s cold outside problems with condensation increase, and the number one result of condensation is black mould.

If you’re unfortunate enough to have issues with our little fungal nemesis, then lucky for you that you know us. At we have a range of solutions to combat mould.

Kair Fungicidal Surface Cleanser

First up is a chemical product – Kair Surface Cleanser. Diluted in water, this mould-killing agent will permanently destroy mould and the spores which cause re-growth.

Also available is a ready mixed version, complete with scrubbing brush, ideal for quick treatment of smaller areas.

If you’ve tried painting over your mould or bleaching it, you’ll already know it comes back. With Kair Surface Cleanser, and the right ventilation, it never will.

Click onto for more info about Kair Surface Cleanser.

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