What Is the Best Kitchen Extractor Fan in the UK?

What Is the Best Kitchen Extractor Fan in the UK

What Is the Best Kitchen Extractor Fan in the UK?

Being the UK’s leading supplier of duct and venting, we at I-Sells understand the need for proper ventilation. Kitchens are usually the hub of your home, where all the cooking takes place and the point where everyone gathers to have breakfast lunch or dinner together, so you want to make sure your kitchen is free from unwanted odours or condensation and open for fresh air to enter. And for that, you need an extractor. So what is the best kitchen extractor fan in the UK?

Do you need an extractor fan in the kitchen?


Do you need an extractor fan in the kitchen? The short answer is yes. Kitchens have a lot going on in them, cooking, boiling a kettle, using the oven, the air-fryer and much more. These heat-generating processes happening within your kitchen can contribute to a buildup of humidity. An extractor hood can help with this as they are placed over the hob where most cooking takes place. However, they are not the same as extractor fans. So why exactly do you need an extractor fan in the kitchen?


All sorts of smells are part and parcel of the cooking process to make the foods we love. But sometimes those smells might not be too pleasing for us, or the scent may linger on our clothing, or travel to other parts of our home, which we would want to generally avoid.


As much as we don’t want to admit it, sometimes we may burn our toast, or leave something in the oven for a bit longer than we usually do. The smoke can have a distinct and lingering smell, and could also trigger the smoke alarm when there is no actual danger. Having an extractor could save you the extra time it would take to ventilate the kitchen and reset the fire alarm.


With the amount of cooking that usually goes on in kitchens, the amount of heat used more than likely leads to a buildup of condensation, especially if it’s cold outside, or there is no open window or source of airflow/extraction. If this is left unattended, you are creating a perfect environment for mould.

Avoiding mould

The buildup of mould in your kitchen can create serious health implications for yourself and anyone else in your home. This is especially dangerous in kitchens, as the mould spores can travel in the air and land on whatever is out in the open, whether that be food or drink. If it makes contact and grows on fruit or vegetables, not only are you posing a threat to your overall health but you are also wasting money on food that gets mouldy earlier than expected.

Our blog contains a guide for you to spot mould in your home. If you have found mould in your kitchen or anywhere in your home, you need to assess if this is your landlord’s responsibility, or if the mould is caused by improper ventilation. To assess your options, click here. If you’re a tenant and not sure about your rights when it comes to mould in a home you are renting, check out our blog for the answers you need.

At I-Sells, aside from superior ventilation for your kitchen, we also sell mould-control paints and cleaners which will remove and/or prevent mould from growing in your home as long as adequate care is taken.

The best extractor fans for your kitchen


We just went over some of the problems that can arise with improper ventilation in your kitchen, so it’s only natural that we provide you with the solutions. At I-Sells, we offer a healthy range of kitchen extractors for you depending on your needs. Below, we’ll talk about our most popular options.

Kair Smart 100mm Intelligent Extractor Fan with Humidistat Timer & Data Logger

The Kair Smart 100mm Intelligent Extractor Fan with humidistat Timer & Data Logger is one of our best bathroom extractor fans with humidistat, featuring a 5-year warranty on parts included.

It boasts a Humidistat timer which means the fan will turn off itself after the room’s moisture level goes beneath a certain level. Along with smart sensors that constantly analyse the room it’s in.

Depending on your installation option, you can opt to pull a cord on the fan (or use a remote switch) to activate the boost mode, quickly ensuring any humidity or odour is dealt with at a faster rate.

The fan is double insulated meaning there is no earth connection, giving this fan the option of being installed on a ceiling, wall or window.

For a full breakdown of information, functions and price click here to see the full list of features and specifications.

Kair Mini Single Room Heat Recovery Ventilator – White Outer Grille -(min 120mm hole diameter)

The Kair Mini Single Room Heat Recovery Ventilator – White outer Grille – (min 120mm hole diameter) offers higher levels of indoor air quality whilst recycling heat that is normally wasted with traditional extractor fans. It adds fresh & filtered air into your home whilst extracting stale, moist air.

Due to the rise in energy bills, this product can help save that little bit more money on your bills whilst also reducing your carbon footprint, as this ventilator only uses 1.8 Watts and is able to recycle up to 81% of heat and energy which would otherwise be wasted. It does this through one of its fan operation modes called “ventilation with energy recovery”. To see the full list of features and specifications, head over to our website now.

Vent Axia Lo-Carbon Svara Bluetooth App Controlled Bathroom And Kitchen Axial Fan (409802)

The Vent Axia Lo-Carbon Svara Bluetooth App Controlled Bathroom And Kitchen Axial Fan (409802) is the UK’s first app-controlled unitary fan. After installation and the downloading of the official app, you can control when to start and stop the fan, whether you want intermittent or continuous ventilation, or have the humidistat active.

You can also opt when to activate the light sensor on the fan, meaning you can control if it comes on every time a light is on, or activate it if a light is on for more than 1 minute for example. The light sensors also recognise the difference between the flashes of a car headlight and room occupancy, ultimately saving you money in the long term.

To view a full list of specifications, pricing and features, explore our website by clicking here.

For those of you wondering how to clean a kitchen extractor fan, we are happy to tell you that most of our range of kitchen extraction fans are very low maintenance, as their level of efficiency and ingenuity negates the need for frequent cleaning, unlike older kitchen extractor fans. But for added peace of mind, our Kair range comes with a 5-year warranty on parts if anything should happen.

How to ensure your kitchen stays safe from condensation


Having the best kitchen extractor fan will always help you keep stale air, odours and humidity out of your kitchen, but did you know there are little changes you can make that would greatly reduce the side effects of humidity and condensation? To find out what you can do, read below:

  • Rugs/Carpets: Rugs and carpets retain moisture, and once it evaporates that could end up as unwanted humidity in your kitchen. We recommend removing any sort of rug or large fabrics from your kitchen if possible.
  • Ventilate: Do not underestimate the simplicity of opening a window when you’re cooking. Releasing odours and humidity and replacing it with fresh air will work wonders alongside the use of a kitchen extractor. This will further remove the ideal environment for mould to grow.
  • Dehumidifiers: Dehumidifiers offer a passive yet effective option that can further ensure any unwanted moisture is collected, it can end up costing a lot over time depending on how regularly you change them. But it is a helpful option if you are struggling to manage the humidity in your kitchen.

At I-Sells we believe taking these measures, alongside the usage of one of our kitchen extractor fans, will greatly minimise the appearance and effects of humidity in your kitchen.

Do you need help picking the best kitchen extractor fan?

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With our diverse range of kitchen extractor fans available, it can be difficult to assess which one works the best for you. Regardless of what you end up choosing, we guarantee that our products are made to be effective, energy efficient, physically resilient, long-lasting and quiet as standard.

We at I-Sells endeavour to make sure our customers have all the information they need before making the choice to invest in our products. We hope to have shown you the need for a kitchen extractor fan, and to have answered the question ‘what is the best kitchen extractor fan in the UK?’ We understand you may have more questions, which is why we encourage you to get in touch with us with any queries you may have. If you’d like to send us an email, click here. For other contact options, see below:

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