What Is the Best Bathroom Extractor Fan in the UK?

What Is the Best Bathroom Extractor Fan in the UK

What Is the Best Bathroom Extractor Fan in the UK?

As the UK’s leading ducting and ventilation supplier, our team at I-Sells understand the critical role that extractor fans play in ensuring your bathrooms are well-ventilated. Ventilation is of paramount importance in rooms where there will be an excess of steam or odours, such as your bathroom. Improper ventilation will lead to dampness and mould, which can have serious health implications for anyone of any age.

You may be wondering what the best bathroom extractor fan is in the UK? And how can I protect my bathroom from mould or dampness? Well look no further, we have all the answers you need.

Understanding what can happen without an extractor fan


Earlier we briefly highlighted the implications of improper, or no ventilation, in your bathroom; but it is important to us that you know what the consequences can be if you aren’t using a bathroom extractor fan.


Without going into detail, it is obvious that your bathroom will be subject to various odours, people combat this by fighting it with another smell, this could be room spray, deodorant or a scented candle. These may help, but realistically you are mixing one odour with another, you must ventilate the room in order to allow fresh air to enter and to let odours outside.


Our bathrooms are where we have our showers and baths, as most of us regularly enjoy a hot bath or hot shower you will notice the steam creating condensation on windows, tiling and walls too. If you aren’t using an extractor fan or at least opening a window to allow the steam to escape, the condensation you leave in the room creates an ideal environment for mould to flourish, which can create a whole host of problems.


Mould, otherwise known as damp, is a fungus that grows on wet surfaces. Mould comes in a variety of colours: Black, Green, Brown, Grey and White. It can be difficult to identify mould by colour as it can occur in many shades. Some of the most common mould strains in the home are:

Black Mould

Also called Stachybotrys chartarum, Black mould is commonly found in bathrooms and wet rooms but can also occur on cold exterior walls in habitable rooms such as the bedroom or living room.


Commonly found in bathrooms, under sinks, and around faucets but it can grow on surfaces like carpets, furniture, walls, and floors.

Mould reproduces from tiny spores. The spores float through the air and deposit on the surfaces. Under adequate temperature, moisture, and nutrient conditions, the spores can form new mould colonies. Damp can severely affect your immune and respiratory system, as the spores are easily breathable and not obvious to see through the human eye.

If you have found dampness in your home, you need to assess if this is your landlord’s responsibility (for example it could be from a leaking roof that needs repairing). Or if the dampness is caused by improper ventilation. To assess your options, click here. If you’re a tenant and not sure about your rights when it comes to mould in a home you are renting, check out our blog for the answers you need.

At I-Sells, aside from superior ventilation for your bathroom, we also sell mould-control paints and cleaners which will remove and/or prevent mould from growing in your home as long as adequate care is taken.

The best bathroom extractor fans


We’ve seen the adverse effects of no ventilation, and as the UK’s leading duct and ventilation supplier with a 5-star rating on trust pilot, we believe it is our duty to share with you the best bathroom extractor fans we have to offer.

Kair Smart 100mm Intelligent Extractor Fan with Humidistat Timer & Data Logger

The Kair Smart 100mm Intelligent Extractor Fan with humidistat Timer & Data Logger is one of our best bathroom extractor fans with humidistat, featuring a 5-year warranty on parts included.

It boasts a Humidistat timer which means the fan will turn off itself after the room’s moisture level goes beneath a certain level. The fan is double insulated, meaning there is no earth connection. For more information click here to see the full list of features and specifications.

Kair Mini Single Room Heat Recovery Ventilator – White Outer Grille –

(min 120mm hole diameter)

The Kair Mini Single Room Heat Recovery Ventilator – White outer Grille – (min 120mm hole diameter) offers higher levels of indoor air quality whilst recycling heat that is normally wasted with traditional extractor fans. It adds fresh & filtered air into your home whilst extracting stale, moist air.

Due to the rise in energy bills, this product can help save that little bit more money on your energy bills as it recycles up to 81% of heat and energy which would otherwise be wasted. To see the full list of features and specifications, head over to our website now.

Looking for something with a little more power? For those who want the best bathroom extractor fans, we also feature the Kair Guardian Power Pro range. Read on for more information.

Kair Guardian Power Pro PP100HTPLV Powerful Centrifugal Extractor Fan

The Kair Guardian Power Pro PP100HTPLV Powerful Centrifugal Extractor Fan features a 43,000-hour long-life motor and maintenance-free long-life ball bearings.

Alongside an energy-efficient EC motor, this model also offers two-speed options (which you can pre-select at installation at one set speed). The lowest speed clocks in at 15.5 decibels, meaning you can have efficient ventilation without the loudness of your standard extractor fan.

To view the full list of specifications and features, our website has all the information you need.

Kair Guardian Power Pro HTP

The Kair Guardian Power Pro HTP operates at an extremely low running cost, costing just 1p per day to run (using 28.00 pence per kWh as a comparison). Using its 100mm powerful centrifugal fan, this model can exhaust through long lengths of ducting up to 15M, or directly outside, showing amazing efficiency despite the low running costs of this model.

For a full understanding of this model’s pricing, features and specification, take a look at our website.

Kair Guardian Power Pro PP100P

The Kair Guardian Power Pro PP100P contains features such as the EC motor, double insulation and a shockproof, high-quality technopolymer casing. Whilst also being a financially friendly option to anybody on a limited budget.

To view this model and its full list of specifications, our website has all of the information you need.

How to keep your home free from condensation

Although the introduction of the best bathroom extractor fan that we offer would significantly improve the airflow of your bathroom, we also have a few tips you can do to ensure your bathroom is safe from the dangers of mould. You should try:

  • Open the window during and after a hot shower/bath – This allows the steam to escape and be replaced with fresh air and also lowers the degree of condensation that will appear, especially on colder days/evenings.
  • Reducing bathing time – Doing this means that your bathroom will be subject to less steam and therefore less condensation.
  • Create airflow in your home – Open a window downstairs and another upstairs, allowing the rising warm air to leave upstairs whilst letting the cooler fresh air enter the home. In colder times of the year, doing this for a minimum of 20 minutes can help. In flats, opening multiple windows can have the same effect.
  • Remove bathroom carpets – carpets in a bathroom will retain the moisture within its fabrics, eventually evaporating and causing more unwanted moisture in your bathroom.

For a deeper understanding of condensation, why newer builds are prone to condensation and how we can mitigate its effects, head over to our blog page to get the answers you need now.

Do you need help picking the best bathroom extractor fan?

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With our diverse range of bathroom extractor fans available, it can be difficult to decide which one will be the best bathroom extractor fan for you. Regardless of what you end up choosing,  we guarantee that our products are made to be energy efficient, physically resilient, long-lasting and quiet as standard.

We at I-Sells endeavour to make sure our customers have all the information they need before making the choice to invest in our products. We hope to have shown you the need for a bathroom extractor fan, and to have answered the question ‘what is the best bathroom extractor fan in the UK?’ We understand you may have more questions, which is why we encourage you to get in touch with us with any queries you may have. If you’d like to send us an email, click here. For other contact options, see below:

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