Do I need access doors in my duct run?

Do I need access doors in my duct run?

Including access doors will allow easy maintenance and cleaning inside the ductwork. It also complies with the health and safety standards.

Bacteria and mould can build up very quickly if the ducts are not cleaned at regular intervals, that is why we recommend adding access doors to your installation.

Potential build up inside ductwork

bacteria and mould growth from dirt build up in ductworkFat and Grease

The air from a kitchen environment will accumulate fat and grease deposits inside the ducting which is a health and safety concern.

Debris and Dust

Extraction from tool shops or light manufacturing can create a residue build up inside the duct. This will reduce the efficiency of the airflow extraction rate.

Allergies and Pathogens

Harmful allergens and pathogens can circulate around any ductwork that has not been maintained in a while. Causing allergies and potential illness to anyone who inhales the affected air.


Debris will usually collect on turns and twists creating a perfect environment for bacteria and mould growth. Having access doors provides easy access and allows the duct to be cleaned out properly.

The maintenance should be carried out at regular intervals which will depend on where you are extracting from.

Here’s a handy link to access doors:

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