Our Top 3 Vent-Axia Extractor Fans in 2022

top 3 Vent-Axia extractor fans

Our Top 3 Vent-Axia Extractor Fans in 2022


Vent-Axia is a well-established British ventilation company created in 1933, as a proud supplier of this historic companies extractor fan, this article will be showing you Vent-Axia extractors for any budget, from entry-level to mid-range and premium.

Before we share our products, let’s address some key questions we are often asked when it comes to extractor fans.

Do you need an extractor fan in a bathroom?

Yes, and technically, no. But this depends on your home, UK regulations (specifically ‘building regulations’ document F) specify that:

  • A UK bathroom must be ventilated by either a window or an extractor fan.
  • If your bathroom has a toilet only, you are fine to use a window alone as your source of ventilation.
  • In new-build bathrooms with a bath and shower, mechanical ventilation is required in the form of an extractor fan. This is because new-builds are built to be more airtight, so natural ventilation is much lower.
  • The ventilation requirements for a bathroom are 15 litres per second/ 54m3 per hour

Bathrooms are a hotspot for the accumulation of humidity and ultimately mould, this is due to the regular usage of hot water via showering or baths. Having moisture-locking items such as a rug in the bathroom also contributes to mould being created.

As people collectively spend a lot of time in the bathroom, your health can seriously be affected if the bathroom is already mouldy. Opening a window, or using an extractor fan (ideally both) will help mitigate the development of mould if done properly and regularly.

Mould is known to cause & aggravate breathing issues within people and can be particularly harmful to people with pre-existing health conditions. The good news is mould can be removed, but it will return if proper ventilation is not implemented.

For more information on mould, its effects and the solutions we offer, our blog will provide the answers you may be looking for. Or if you have any questions on condensation management, click here.

Where to position an extractor fan in the bathroom

Generally, bathroom extractor fans can be anywhere on the wall as long as it is opposite the door but again is subject to your bathroom structure and the type of extractor you purchase. As long as it is in the vicinity of the window, (but not below a window) or on a wall that leads directly outside (or proceeded by venting that leads to outside) it should be okay. Once you know where to install it, you can proceed.

Want to know how to fit an extractor fan in a bathroom? Read our blog specifically for this subject.

How to wire a bathroom extractor fan

Unless you are a qualified electrician or are able to obtain the service of one, you should not under any circumstances alter the wiring in your home. Tampering could result in electric shocks, damaging your circuits and connections.

How to replace a bathroom extractor fan

Again, as this process requires electrical work, a qualified electrician must be present when disconnecting the old extractor and reconnecting the new one.

Making sure the new extractor is the same size (or making alterations to the wall if not) follow the guide.

How to clean a bathroom extractor fan (maintenance)

We have an in-depth blog specifically about cleaning your extractor fan. Read it by clicking here.

Our Top 3 Vent-Axia Extractor Fans for Bathrooms 

We offer a diverse range of Vent Axia bathroom extractor fans, these options go reflect our lowest, mid, and high-end extractors. Feel free to browse all of our Vent Axia fans here.

  1. Vent Axia VASF100B Silent 100mm Axial Zone 1 IPX5 Bathroom Fan – 446658B

    The Vent Axia VASF100B offers a 2-speed fan speed extraction rate and costs less than £1 a year to run, this bathroom extractor fan offers incredible value for money. See the full details here.

  2. Vent Axia Lo-Carbon DC Centra T Timer Bathroom fan

    The Vent Axia Lo-Carbon DC Centra T features a trickle setting which means it runs continuously, with it being in full activation when the bathroom is occupied. It also contains an adjustable timer. See the full specifications here

  3. Vent Axia Lo-Carbon Svara Bluetooth App Controlled Axial Fan

    The Vent Axia Lo-Carbon Svara Bluetooth Axial Fan contains the unique feature of being controlled through its own independent application, offering a new level of control and optimisation for your bathroom extraction needs. Click here to see the full list of features.

Vent Axia kitchen extractor fan


We also supply Vent Axia kitchen extractors, before we tell you some of the amazing products we offer, let us explain to you the necessity of having a kitchen extractor fan.

Do you need an extractor fan in the kitchen?

Yes, you probably do if any of these signs apply to your kitchen:

  • Mould buildup that always returns despite cleaning it away.
  • The kitchen remains humid long after cooking takes place.
  • There is usually condensation on the window, walls or tiles and other surfaces
  • Smells linger for a very long time.
  • Mould appears around or under the sink.
  • Food left out spoils quicker than it should (like fruit for example)

Similarly to your bathroom, your kitchen generates heat and humidity regularly and is therefore susceptible to mould if there are no ventilation routines taking place. The heat that can become condensation in your kitchen comes from your cooking stations, your kettle and hot water usage.

How to install a kitchen extractor fan

Kitchen extractor fans should always be sited in the furthest window or wall from the main source of air replacement to avoid short-circuiting the airflow. This means placing a fan by the kitchen doors (where air would be coming in from) would be pointless.

It should be located as high as possible in the window or wall nearest to smells or steam, but not directly above eye-level grills or cooker hoods.

We have a full in-depth breakdown of how to fit a kitchen extractor fan step by step, read our in-depth blog addressing this process.

Our Top 3 Vent-Axia Extractor Fans for Kitchen 

We offer a healthy variety of Vent Axia Kitchen extractor fans, these options go reflect our lowest, mid, and high-end extractors. Feel free to browse all of our Vent Axia fans here.

  1. Vent Axia Silhouette 150X

    The Vent Axia Silhouette 150X is an affordable and simple kitchen extractor fan. Featuring downstream airflow guide vanes which improve pressure development, and an unintrusive design, a great option for anyone looking for something simple yet effective, check out the full list of specifications here.

  2. Vent Axia Solo Pro SELV SVT

    The Vent Axia Solo Pro SELV SVT is an extractor featuring a high-power centrifugal fan, meaning the extracting process is more efficient. (Note this extractor can be used for bathrooms also.) The full list of features can be viewed here.

  3. Vent Axia Lo-Carbon Revive 7 Extractor Fan Continuous Running with Humidistat Timer and Pullcord (473848)

    The Vent Axia Lo-Carbon Revive 7 Extractor Fan is a premium extractor fan that features a humidistat timer and classic pullcord, with multiple speed settings and a continuous trickle meaning this extractor will always be working.  Check out the pricing and specifications here.

Wiring and cleaning your kitchen extractor fan

It doesn’t matter which room your extractor fan is in, if you are not a qualified electrician or are able to obtain the service of one, you should not attempt to remove, alter, or re-wire your extractor fan without a qualified electrician.

Once again, for information on how to clean your extractor we have a full blog on the subject, click here to read.

Here for all of your extractor needs


We at I-Sells endeavour to make sure our customers have all the information they need before making the choice to invest in our products. Be sure to visit our blog page to gain knowledge on the wide array of factors and issues surrounding ventilation, mould, condensation, and much more. We hope to have helped you by sharing our top 3 Vent Axia extractor fans for your kitchen and bathroom.

We understand you may have more questions, Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information with regard to ventilation in your kitchen. If you’d like to send us an email, click here. For other contact options, see below:

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