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Nuaire’s Complete Air Quality Solution

You have condensation and mould problems in your home and you need to reduce the humidity levels.

Would you also want to have fresh filtered air brought into your home at the same time? Air that’s had up to 99.5% of poisonous NOX gasses removed from it?

Nuaire have a new solution to all these problems in an easy to install unit with very low running costs.

Let’s dive in and find out more about Nuaire’s NOXMASTER unit.

Mould, Humidity, Damp, Condensation And Now….Pollution Control!

See exactly how the NOXMASTER works

Nuaire has “PIV” units that have been tackling these issues for years, and one great example of their PIV units are their “Drimaster Range

The release of the Noxmaster, sets new standards.

It’s their first PIV unit to feature such a powerful carbon filter. Strong enough to filter out some of the most harmful pollutants in urban living.

Air quality and pollution is unfortunately a growing concern to all of us.

We hear every day about the health issues caused by air pollution. Asthma, lung cancer, heart disease and even dementia are among the list.

Standard filters may help to remove things like pollen and dust particles.

Even with filters, pollutants like; VOCs, NO and Particulate matter can still find their way into your home though.

When these pollutants react, they create secondary pollutants such as Ozone and PM 2.5.

PM 2.5 particulate matter

What Is Particulate Matter?

Particulate matter are particles that are small enough to pass into your lungs.

“PM 2.5” particles are small enough to pass into your blood stream through inhalation.

Larger particles, once inhaled, can irritate the lungs, this can lead to long term health conditions such as asthma and breathing difficulties.

The smaller particles can travel through the blood and can cross the blood brain barrier, this can allow conditions such as cancer and dementia to develop.

NOX or nitrous oxide reduced by the Nuaire NOXMASTER

What Is NOx?

NOx or nitrogen oxide are oxides of Nitrogen, and make up a large part of the exhaust fumes from Diesel engines.

Long exposure to high levels of NOx from built up areas can reduce lung function in children.

They can also worsen symptoms of heart and lung conditions and decrease life expectancy.

Volatile organic compounds

What Are VOC’s?

“VOC’s” are tiny carbon based molecules emitted as gasses

On their own, they can cause irritation to the lungs, headaches, nausea and eye irritation.

SO2 or sulphur dioxide mixed with VOC’s, can cause cancers, lung and cardiac disease.

How Does The Nuaire NOXMASTER Work?

Only new build homes are fit with carbon air filters within the MVHR systems for the building.

These MVHR systems are installed during the first stage of building the property.

Nuaire has created the UK’s first retrofit carbon filter system. This means that older homes near polluted areas can now finally have clean, filtered air.

The NOXMASTER, ventilates the entire property with fresh, pre-filtered air.

PIV Technology

It uses technology known as “PIV”, or “Positive Input Ventilation”, then combines this with high efficiency carbon filters.

The unit removes up to 99.5% of NOX emissions and 75% of PM 2.5 particulate matter.

Air is drawn in from outside the property, passed through the carbon filters. The air is then pressed through the entire property.

The Nuaire "Noxmaster" in action

The new fresh air replaces the old stale air which is forced out through any small gaps such as door frames, dramatically increasing the air quality.

This means you can keep the windows shut in your property and still have a flow of fresh, filtered air into your home.

Carbon air filter in Nuaire Noxmaster

The carbon filters have a lifespan of five years.

During the hours of 6am-8pm, (the busiest time for roadside traffic), the unit directs flow of air through the carbon filters. From 8pm -6am, the air is directed around the filters, increasing the lifetime of the filters.

It comes with PM10 filters as standard, and PM 2.5 filters available for more heavily polluted areas.

Nuaire have carefully designed the Noxmaster so that it can be easily retrofit into most homes with a loft cavity.

What Else Can The NOXMASTER Do?

The NOXMASTER has all the great benefits of Nuaire’s innovative PIV technology.

It reduces the humidity level, which in turn reduces the chances of mould or damp appearing in your home.

Because of the constant flow of fresh filtered air, the moisture does not have the opportunity to “settle”.

There is very little chance of any mould spores being able to breed or develop at all. They are simply passed out of your home.

Nuaire Noxmaster whole house PIV unit

The unit has the ability to be thermostatically controlled.

This means you will not have any concerns over cold air being drawn into your home during the colder months.

Solar Gain

The NOXMASTER utilizes heat by monitoring the temperature in the loft cavity.

If it is cold outside, the unit will encourage air movement within the property.

If the air temperature in the loft cavity is at about the set point of the built-in thermostat, it will choose to draw in fresh air from outside if it is cooler.

This is an energy efficient process known as “Solar gain”.

It does all this, whilst now reducing atmospheric pollution from your home. Giving you fresh, clean, and now even safer air.

How Do I Install The NOXMASTER?

How to install the retrofit Nuaire Noxmaster
  1. Connect the cable from one half of the unit to the other
  2. Link both parts of the units together using the bolts (provided)
  3. Attach stands to each end of the unit
  4. Position four anti vibration pads (provided) under stands
  5. Ensure the unit is level, then securely fasten to the ceiling joist
  6. Measure the diameter of the diffuser
  7. Remove a section of insulation and make a hole wide enough for the diffuser to recess into, then secure in place
  8. Drill and screw flexible ducting in place.
  9. Attach cables from the ceiling diffuser to the “control output” socket
  10. If ducting unit to outside, punch circular guard out from the secondary intake and remove from unit. Then fit the spigot and duct to external grill using a soffit or wall kit if required

What Are The Benefits Of The NOXMASTER?

  • Unique combination of both PIV and carbon filtration systems
  • Removes up to 99.5% of Nitrogen Dioxide and up to 75% of particulate matter matter (when PM2.5 filters are fitted).
  • Unit controls are in the diffuser, no loft entry required to change blower speed settings
  • Drastically improves the indoor air quality of your home
  • Gives homeowners the option of keeping windows closed for extra security and to keep out different types of air pollution
  • Helps people with asthma and allergies
  • Thermostatically controlled for added comfort
  • Both energy efficient and cost effective, as unit sources air supply from the loft cavity or outside depending on the temperature readings
  • (BRE) has evidence demonstrating the principles involved with PIV help to control Radon gas levels
  • Easy to maintain and install

How Much Does It Cost To Install And Run?

Installation should only take half a day’s work from two qualified tradespeople.

Typically, the electrical consumption of the NOXMASTER should cost 1p per day!


If you want you retrofit a PIV unit in your home. The NOXMASTER is the unit you need.

With the PM 2.5 filters specified and added to the unit, it will help reduce cancer causing PM 2.5 pollutants, NOX emissions and condensation at the same time.

It’s simple to install, has ridiculously low running costs, and is BRE approved.

You can bring fresh, high quality filtered air straight into your home. There is also very little maintenance after installing.

Where are they available

You can find more details about the revolutionary Noxmaster at


Do you have any questions about the Nuaire NOXMASTER? Would you like to know more about its specifications, it’s cost, or where you can buy them?

Would like to know more about condensation or pollution control in your own home?

If you would like assistance, please leave a comment below and we will get back to you.

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