Mould-Free Living: I-Sells Solutions for Healthier Homes

Mould-Free Living: I-Sells Solutions for Healthier Homes

Across the UK, properties are a topic of concern for many people. Whether it’s because of rising bills, a lack of housing in certain areas, or homes not fit for purpose due to maintenance needs, it is a factor that most people are currently dealing with. While a quick fix may not solve some of those housing woes, one ongoing issue can be eliminated for thousands of people in just a few clicks. 

Online ventilation and ducting experts, i-sells, are paving the way for safe and healthy homes with their extensive range of product solutions. For many of the population, dealing with mould and dampness in the home is a daily struggle. Thanks to these household experts’ wide range of products, no matter the budget or extent of the mould problem, a viable solution is available.

The Scary Truth About Mould

Mould is a menace to people’s health, pets, and properties. 

The harmful spores produced by mould can lead to various illnesses and conditions, including skin irritations, breathing problems and compromised immune performance. The dampness associated with mould also wreaks havoc on even the healthiest of individuals, with most health issues arising without warning. Without treating this problem at the first signs of its presence, the conditions will linger on and worsen over time. The longer that mould is left also equates to it being hard to treat as the damp and spores embed themselves into properties in ways that cannot always be seen. 

Home health also doesn’t just relate to people and pets but also to the condition of a property. If dampness is left to accumulate and develop into mould, there is a high chance that a costly bill will be heading the homeowner’s way. On a surface level, mould damages decor and finishing touches, requiring complete cleaning and decoration to remove. Furthermore, if it is left for a prolonged period, structural damage can be experienced, which, as you can imagine, is hard to remove.

Mould is caused by poor ventilation from a lack of fresh air flow within a property. Although once mould has made its unwanted presence, it can be hard to eliminate, thanks to i-sells, solutions are available.

Achieve Mould-Free Living In 2023

If you live in a mould-ridden home, you may think all hope for eliminating this super spreader from your interiors has been lost. That is not the case when investing in the right equipment and solutions. The time to act is now before the colder months set in, which is why mould and dampness reach new levels of annoyance within homes. 

One of the most popular solutions from online experts is Ventilation Fans, which come in a range of styles to suit any home’s needs. From extractor fans to air-purifying filters, these items are essential for removing the conditions mould loves from properties. There are specialist products for bathrooms and kitchens, the most susceptible spaces, and various items for use around the rest of the home, ensuring that any problem spots can be eliminated.

Another innovative form of mould removal is Positive Pressure Ventilation solutions, which work to ventilate an entire property with one single unit. They work by drawing in fresh external air, passing it through a filter and introducing it through the property via a diffuser. By forcing out the old air and dampness, moisture is not left to accumulate internally, removing the conditions in which mould thrives.

One of the main benefits is that the collection offers options for non-built and installed fittings. If you are building a home or upgrading it, you may want to select the Kair Heat Recovery Extractor Fan, or for a simple fix, an in-built fan may be your best bet.

Healthier Homes For Everyone

One of the reasons that i-sells offers such a diverse set of solutions for home ventilation is that the team are passionate about everyone having a safe place to live. Whether you rent or own your home, the space should offer a sanctuary that protects from risks. When mould is left to accumulate, properties quickly become a hurtful place to live, which is not nice for anyone. 

To learn more about the i-sells collection, view the complete collection online.


I-sells are online ducting and ventilation experts supplying professional solutions since 2005. Having started work in the contracting division, the company now provides a range of household and industrial solutions that resolve common issues. 

As a family-run business, the company has retained an authentic approach to product provision, promising affordable and easy-to-use solutions that genuinely make a difference. The company, which gets its name from co-founder Ingrid Sells, clearly focuses on customer service and satisfaction, supported by an established team of professionals always on hand to offer advice. 

Offering everything from robust plastic ducting to flexible ventilation hosts, i-sells is rated 5 stars on Trustpilot with more than 8,700 reviews from satisfied customers. 

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