‘Landlords From Hell’ – Channel 4’s Dispatches

‘Landlords From Hell’ – Channel 4’s Dispatches

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Last night, Channel 4’s Dispatches programme concerned what it called ‘Landlords From Hell’, or in other terms, the appalling conditions of damp, mould and condensation that some tenants are expected to live in.

The truth is, this can cut both ways. Landlords certainly can be unscrupulous or even negligent, but in our line of work we have discovered that a minority of tenants can also be problematic, deliberately aggravating problems in pursuit of compensation or new housing.

The bottom line though is clear; there is an epidemic of condensation and mould in the British housing stock, and in severe cases, black mould is extremely hazardous to health.

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If you saw the show, we’d love to know what you think!

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