Kair Smart extractor fan [6 reasons you’ll love this fan]

Kair Smart 100mm extractor fan for bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms.

Kair Smart extractor fan [6 reasons you’ll love this fan]

Kair Smart Extractor fan
Kair Smart extractor fan

For a family, it is a matter of comfort, cleanliness and good health. For a landlord it can be the difference between apartments full of happy tenants, or very unhappy ones.

If you have: mould, condensation or high humidity, you need a supply of fresh air in your home or property.
Therefore, you will almost certainly be looking for an extractor fan to do this.

With so many different types of extractor fan on the market, how can you be sure which one you need? What will be best for your family or tenants? A pull-cord, timer, humidistat or something else?

Kair have a new extractor fan that takes all the thinking away from you, quite literally! The Smart extractor fan thinks for itself and intelligently reacts to common condensation issues.

In this short guide, I will be listing the top seven reasons you need a Kair Smart fan.

Let’s dive right in….

Top Reasons you NEED a Kair Smart fan

6. It’s Smart!

There is a very good reason the Kair Smart fan has its title. Once it is installed, you can essentially leave the fan to its own devices.

A builtin humidistat and constant flow monitor scans the environment 24 hours per day. When the humidity levels, (be it in a bathroom, kitchen or utility room) reach too high of a level, this signals the boost function to increase the power of the unit until the humidity levels drop down to an acceptable level again.

Therefore, you can be certain that as soon as the fan slows back to its minimal function, the moisture levels in that room are at an acceptable level again.

By leaving it to the sensors, you don’t need to worry about whether your family or tenants have used the fan correctly, it does this itself.

5. Minimally invasive and Aesthetically pleasing design

The Kair Smart extractor fan has been designed to blend seamlessly into the decor of your home. A minimal design means wherever you choose to mount the fan, and whatever the design elements of your home, this unit will not have a negative impact.

You can therefore rest assured that you will need not make any compromises to design choices and still gain all the benefits of a smart fan.

4. Multiple Functions

Some extractor fans come with a choice of either a pull cord, a timer or a humidistat. The Smart fan comes with all of these as standard and more!
A nighttime delay and run-on timer ensure that neither your family or tenants need worry about night time disturbances. The fan operates at a very minimal capacity during the evening hours, also reducing its energy requirements.

3. Low maintenance and running costs

As a result of the energy efficient technology the Smart fan utilizes, the yearly running costs of the unit are very low. Reducing its energy consumption during the evenings, and making use of its sensors to only boost the fan when necessary massively lowers its energy consumption.

The yearly running cost of the Smart Fan would be roughly £1.66 per annum, if using the humidistat option, or £1.87 per annum for the pull cord boost option.

As a result, this also significantly reduces any maintenance required, as the fan is not in use as often, so wear and tear is reduced.

Kair Smart extractor fan bathroom and kitchen
Open casings of the new Kair Smart bathroom and kitchen extractor fan.

2. Daily Run monitor (For landlords)

Having a fan in a tenant’s apartment does not always ensure that it gets used. You may have phone calls letting you know that there is a build-up of mould or lots of condensation in a home you are letting. As a landlord, it is your duty to make sure that your tenants live in a comfortable condition.

Until now it has been difficult to prove if the fans you have installed have been used at all. The Kair Smart fan resolves this problem by giving you a log of how long the fan has been used for.

1. Multiple mounting options

Kair have ensured that every mounting option is available to you. Window, ceiling and wall mounting are all possible, making this an extractor fan to suit any position and in any style.

Specially created kits make window and wall mounting a breeze, and again give you free reign to position the fan in any position you wish.


In conclusion, if you are looking for a user-friendly bathroom or kitchen extractor fan that gives you complete peace of mind, you’ve found it.

If you don’t want to be constantly checking on whether the fan is being used, or if the settings are correct to remove mould and condensation, this is the fan to use.

The Kair Smart fan has been specifically designed to make your life as simple as possible. Whether you are running a family home, or letting out properties as a landlord, once this unit is installed, you can leave it to rid your home of excess humidity.

All of this whilst being a truly cost-effective device.

Over to you!

Have you had issues with condensation or mould growth in your home?

Let us know in the comments section below if you have and how you heave dealt with them. The Kair Smart fan might be just the thing to help you.

The Smart Fan is available here


Kair Smart 100mm extractor fan for bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms.
The New Kair Smart Extractor Fan

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