I-Sells: Leads the Way From Damp to Dry in Their Mission to Eradicate Condensation and Mould

I-Sells: Leads the Way From Damp to Dry in Their Mission to Eradicate Condensation and Mould

It’s official; the UK is still in the grips of a nationwide damp issue that is only set to worsen, given lack of investment and fluctuating temperatures. You will be hard-pressed to flick through the pages of a newspaper or browse an online publication without seeing stories about this health and property-damaging problem. The reality is that many people across the country are struggling to tackle this fast-spreading problem, as it can lead to spiralling costs and complex fixes when mould becomes out of control. 

As the UK’s leading supplier of ducting and ventilation, i-sells is helping to fight the issue head-on with a broad and affordable collection of products. In their mission to eradicate this unwanted visitor from homes across the country, they have created a portfolio of solutions that offer something for every property. 

Why Is Damp Such A Big Issue In The UK?

If you have ever struggled with damp and mould problems, you will know just how much of a nightmare the issue is. 

UK homes are prime targets for this nasty visitor for several reasons. Firstly, many of the properties are older, which means they are susceptible to leaks and drafts, allowing dampness to enter the home. Properties that were built a while ago are also not likely to have the level of damp-proofing that modern homes are equipped with, which means the extra protection is simply not available. Weather is also a big issue, with a mix of very wet weather and high humidity levels causing more problems when it comes to dampness.

The main reason that damp and mould is such a nuisance is that it negatively impacts homes, people, and pets. From health conditions to structural damage, we are not just talking about quick fix problems.

For properties, dampness signifies a large issue as it means water enters a home and ventilation systems are not working efficiently. This can cause widespread building structure damage, including wood rot in beams and weakening of walls. The unsightly spores also mean extensive DIY is needed to return the affected area to its former glory with specialist products and professional techniques. Damp and mould also affect health severely, with conditions such as breathing problems, allergies, and skin irritations worsening when dampness is in the air. The spores created by mould also hold many harmful toxins, which continue to release health-affecting properties even after they have been cleaned at the surface level.  

Eradicating Damp With Professional Yet Affordable Solutions

Ideal for both owned and rented homes, the wide selection of ventilation fans and other moisture removal products available from i-sells means mould can be eliminated once and for all.

These intelligent technologies are energy-efficient ways to introduce moisture removal into properties without spending money on costly building upgrades. By removing dampness and improving general airflow within a room, many different types are available to ensure every issue can be resolved.

One of the most popular solutions is the Kair Heat Recovery Extractor Fan – 12VAC SELV – Humidistat, which also offers an 86% heat-saving benefit, making for an all-around efficient solution to damp removal. This is a solution that does require a professional installation but one that offers years of mould-eradicating support anywhere within the home. The unit also works to automatically control humidity, eliminating the need to manually monitor levels in the room. This means you will never miss signs of dampness again as everything is being automatically ventilated. 

Another benefit of the broad collection from i-sells is that home design never has to be impacted by clunky ventilation products. Take the Kair Mini Single Room Recovery Ventilation System, for example. Finished with a modern white look, this simple-to-install system provides unlimited fresh air flow into rooms and offers up to 81% recycled heat levels, offering a net energy gain.

The ventilation experts are also well known for their Positive Pressure systems, a method of ventilating an entire property with a single unit that draws in fresh external air. By increasing the pressure, the PIV systems remove old, damp air and replace it with fresh air.

With many more products, i-sells have made it possible to solve the age-old issue of dampness no matter what budget you are working with. Positive results can be experienced almost instantly which is sure to be a light at the end of the tunnel for people suffering the horrible effects of mould in properties across the country. 

Click here to view the complete i-sells collection and also contact the team should you have any questions. With plenty of experience in both industrial and residential property solutions, the ventilation experts are well equipped to solve all issues.

About I-sells.co.uk

I-sells are online ducting and ventilation experts supplying professional solutions since 2005. Having started work in the contracting division, the company now provides a range of household and industrial solutions that resolve common issues. 

As a family-run business, the company has retained an authentic approach to product provision, promising affordable and easy-to-use solutions that genuinely make a difference. The company, which gets its name from co-founder Ingrid Sells, clearly focuses on customer service and satisfaction, supported by an established team of professionals always on hand to offer advice. 

Offering everything from robust plastic ducting to flexible ventilation hosts, i-sells is rated 5 stars on Trustpilot with more than 8,700 reviews from satisfied customers. 
To learn more, visit https://www.i-sells.co.uk/

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