How Much Does a Good Bathroom Fan Cost?

How Much Does a Good Bathroom Fan Cost

How Much Does a Good Bathroom Fan Cost?

Here at I-Sells, as the number 1 supplier of venting and ducting solutions in the UK, we endeavour to bring you the necessity of a properly ventilated home alongside all of the benefits that can be experienced. In this article we will be answering the question ‘How much does a good bathroom fan cost?”

All of the solutions we offer are in an effort to disrupt the environment necessary for mould to formulate, as mould can have serious health implications as well as spread easily if left unattended.

Alongside mould control, our venting and ducting solutions also aid in the removal of condensation, retention (and in some cases addition) of heat, and the removal of stale air in your home.

Why do I need a bathroom fan?

How Much Does a Good Bathroom Fan Cost
How Much Does a Good Bathroom Fan Cost

One of the key reasons for having a bathroom fan is to help create a stable environment to prevent the growth of mould.

Mould, otherwise known as damp, is a fungus that grows on wet surfaces. Mould comes in a variety of colours: Black, Green, Brown, Grey and White. It can be difficult to identify mould by colour as it can occur in many shades. Some of the most common mould strains in the home are:

  • Black Mould – Also called Stachybotrys chartarum, Black mould is commonly found in bathrooms and wet rooms but can also occur on cold exterior walls in habitable rooms such as the bedroom or living room.
  • Cladosporium – Commonly found in bathrooms, under sinks, and around faucets but it can grow on surfaces like carpets, furniture, walls, and floors.

What does mould do?

Mould reproduces from tiny spores. The spores float through the air and deposit on the surfaces. Under adequate temperature, moisture, and nutrient conditions, the spores can form new mould colonies.

Mould can severely affect your immune and respiratory system, as the spores are easily breathable and not prominent enough to see through the human eye.

People with allergies may be more sensitive to moulds. People with immune suppression or underlying lung disease are more susceptible to fungal infections.

Individuals with chronic respiratory disease may experience difficulty breathing. Reactions vary from fever, a cough, red or itchy eyes, marks on the skin and much more.

How do I know if I need a bathroom fan?

Extractor fans play a vital role in helping to facilitate ventilation in the home by promoting airflow whilst decreasing levels of humidity. This is particularly important as humidity is a key factor in the formation & spreading of mould in your home.

Improper ventilation of the home usually leaves signs you can notice in any room, which include:

  • There is almost always condensation on the windows or walls
  • Odours linger in the house for extended periods of time, especially in the kitchen or bathroom
  • High humidity, leading to wood rot or mould

Is there a law saying I need a bathroom fan?

Yes, and Technically, no. But this depends on your home, UK regulations (specifically ‘building regulations’ document F ) specify that:

  • A UK bathroom must be ventilated by either a window or an extractor fan.
  • If your bathroom has a toilet only, you are fine to use a window alone as your source of ventilation.
  • In new-build bathrooms with a bath and shower, mechanical ventilation is required in the form of an extractor fan. This is because new-builds are built to be more airtight, so natural ventilation is much lower.
  • The ventilation requirements for a bathroom are 15 litres per second/ 54m3 per hour

Bathrooms and condensation

How Much Does a Good Bathroom Fan Cost
How Much Does a Good Bathroom Fan Cost

Mould in your home generally occurs as a result of condensation.

Condensation occurs when heat and moisture in the air are confined to a certain area, as this heat tries and fails to escape, droplets of water are created on cold surfaces. A good way to think about this is having a hot shower on a cold day and not opening your window.

The reason condensation creates mould is that a damp and humid environment is the optimum condition for mould to grow. Especially in your bathroom. A room that generally sees a large amount of condensation.

The true danger of mould is that its particles can travel through the air without us seeing it, incidentally, this means opening a window with mould on it runs the risk of that mould being blown inside your bathroom alongside the fresh air.

That being said, condensation is not the only cause of mould, it can occur from leaks in the structure of a building too.

So how does this relate to bathrooms?

Humidity and eventually condensation can occur in a bathroom for a variety of reasons, which eventually leads to mould. These are just a few contributors:

Drying towels on the radiator without opening a window –

Heaters are not made for the function of drying your clothes. If you do use them for this function, at the very least keep the room ventilated. The excess moisture if not allowed an exit will cause condensation, thereby creating mould.

Keeping the room unventilated –

Keeping a bathroom door closed whilst not opening a window will not help regulate the temperature of the room when you shower or take a bath. This can be made worse when neglecting to use a bathroom extractor fan in conjunction with window ventilation.

Leaks –

Structural issues in a building can cause moisture to travel through an outside wall to the inside, this in conjunction with fluctuating temperatures inside and outside, along with the condensation created in the bathroom can cause mould to develop.

If you want to know how to reduce condensation in your home, take a read at our blog which has all the information you need here.

If you have found mould in your home, you need to assess if this is your landlord’s responsibility (for example it could be from a leaking roof that needs repairing). Or if the damp is caused by improper ventilation. To assess your options, click here.

If you’re a tenant and not sure about your rights when it comes to mould in a home you are renting, check out our blog for the answers you need.

How much does a good bathroom fan cost?

A bathroom fan is a necessity especially considering all the information we shared with you earlier. So how much does a good bathroom fan cost? Well we at I-Sells have a range of bathroom fans at affordable prices. Whether you want to install it yourself or not, take a look at some of our range.

I-Sells – Bathroom fans

Kair Guardian Power Pro PP100HTPLV Powerful Centrifugal Extractor Fan

The Kair Guardian Power Pro PP100HTPLV Powerful Centrifugal Extractor Fan features a 43,000-hour long-life motor and maintenance-free long-life ball bearings.

Alongside an energy-efficient EC motor, this model also offers two-speed options (which you can pre-select at installation at one set speed). The lowest speed clocks in at 15.5 decibels, meaning you can have efficient ventilation without the loudness of your standard extractor fan.

To view the full list of specifications and features, our website has all the information you need.

Kair Guardian Power Pro HTP

The Kair Guardian Power Pro HTP operates at an extremely low running cost, costing just 1p per day to run (using 28.00 pence per kWh as a comparison). Using its 100mm powerful centrifugal fan, this model can exhaust through long lengths of ducting up to 15M, or directly outside, showing amazing efficiency despite the low running costs of this model.

For a full understanding of this model’s pricing, features and specification, take a look at our website.

Kair Guardian Power Pro PP100P

The Kair Guardian Power Pro PP100P contains features such as the EC motor, double insulation and a shockproof, high-quality technopolymer casing. Whilst also being a financially friendly option to anybody on a limited budget.

To view this model and its full list of specifications, our website has all of the information you need.

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How Much Does a Good Bathroom Fan Cost
How Much Does a Good Bathroom Fan Cost

We at I-Sells endeavour to make sure our customers have all the information they need before making the choice to invest in our ventilation solutions. Be sure to visit our blog page to gain knowledge on the wide array of factors and issues surrounding ventilation, mould, condensation, and much more.

We hope to have helped you understand the importance of ventilation whilst also answering “How much does a good bathroom fan cost?”

We understand you may have more questions with regard to mould control, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information with regard to any queries you may have. If you’d like to send us an email, click here. For other contact options, see below:

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