How can I get rid of mould?

How can I get rid of mould?

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At we consider ourselves exprets when it comes to helping people get rid of mould in their bathrooms, kitchens, or anywhere else for that matter. Mould is very hard to kill – but if you have the right tools, it’s easy to get rid of mould for good.

Enter the Kair Mould Control Pack (K-MCP).

The first tool in your arsenal needs to be a fungicidal cleanser. Bleach will not kill mould! Soap and water will not get rid of mould! Washing up liquid will not clean mould! Multi-purpose cleaner will not eradicate mould! To get rid of mould you must first scrub down the affected areas with fungicidal cleanser such as the one contained in the Kair Mould Control Pack. Simply dilute with water, get your marigolds on and put in some elbow grease.

Secondly, your stained wall will need repainting – but if you use normal paint, your mould will be right back before you know it. To get rid of mould and keep it gone, you must add a fungicidal paint additive to your paint. This converts any shade of paint to a fungus proof mould killer. Chuck the additive into your paint pot, mix well and apply to the clean, dry, mould-free surface.

Thirdly, well… have a cup of tea. You’re done.

The Kair Mould Control Pack (K-MCP) is available from, and for November 2010 only, is available at a 10% discount for our blog readers. Simply enter the code SDMC10% at the checkout to get your kit for only £14.65 ex VAT!

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