No space indoors? Try an external extractor fan

No space indoors? Try an external extractor fan

SAPSWF External Extract Fans

When you have no room or desire to site an extractor fan internally, why not use an external extractor fan?

Ideally suited for a wide range of domestic residential, commercial and industrial exhaust ventilation applications these fans are a great solution when  indoor space or access is difficult or limited.

This unique range of direct drive centrifugal fans have a removable top for easy access for cleaning and inspection, a large grille opening, back draft damper, pre wired terminal box and backward curved centrifugal impeller. Five models ranging from 4 to 8 inch (100mm to 200mm).

Manufactured from high grade pressed galvanised steel protected against corrosion by a polyester paint finish. The outdoor rated exterior housing provides easy access from the outside of a building.



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