Does your home have “Sick Building Syndrome”?

Does your home have “Sick Building Syndrome”?

Airtight buildings that do not have an adequate amount of ventilation lead to hidden mould growth inside the walls. Without taking necessary actions the moisture will produce toxic mould which is hazardous to our health. Most common symptoms are headaches, lethargy and poor concentration, skin irritation, dry itchy eyes and a congested nose. Leaving the problem unsolved can result in much more serious health problems.

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Are energy efficient homes making us ILL?

Solution to poor ventilation

If you have poor ventilation in our home and have mould/condensation. One of the solutions is the Kair Heat Recovery Ventilator (K-HRV150). This  heat recovery fan will provide a continuous ventilation in a single room allowing your home to “breathe”.  Low running costs make it a great investment that prevents damp, mould and condensation.

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