Do You Need An Extractor Fan?

Do You Need An Extractor Fan

Do You Need An Extractor Fan?

When it comes to our homes, we at I-Sells know just how important preventative measures are in regard to the upkeep of your home which can really end up saving you time and money. For example, are you aware of how much humidity can affect your home? The buildup of humidity can be detrimental to your home if not dealt with, either manually or with the help of an extractor fan.

In this article, we are going to be exploring the question ‘do you need an extractor fan?’ whilst showing you why extractor fans are needed, signs you can look out for in your home, as well as the healthy variety of solutions we have for you.

Why do we need an extractor fan?


Extractor fans play a vital role in helping to facilitate ventilation in the home by promoting airflow whilst decreasing levels of humidity. This is particularly important as humidity is a key factor in the formation & spreading of mould in your home.

Improper ventilation of the home usually leaves signs you can notice, which include:

  • There is almost always condensation on the windows or walls
  • Odours linger in the house for extended periods of time, especially in the kitchen or bathroom
  • High humidity, leading to wood rot or mould

As humidity is a factor in the development of mould, rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms are ideal places for mould to grow and thrive if not taken care of.

Mould is known to cause & aggravate breathing issues within people and can be particularly harmful to people with pre-existing health conditions. The good news is mould can be removed, but it will return if proper ventilation is not implemented. Proper ventilation is as simple as:

  • Opening a window and using an extractor fan during or after a hot bath/shower
  • Creating an airflow by opening windows on different sides of the home for around 20 minutes a day
  • Buying or making use of extractor fans within the home
  • Opening a window or using an extractor in the kitchen whilst cooking hot meals
  • (if living in a house) opening windows downstairs and upstairs, allowing the rising hot air to escape through upstairs windows, while cool, fresh air circulates in from the downstairs windows.

Please note that these steps will not completely defend against mould if there are leakage issues in your home, but will certainly help to mitigate the growth of mould if done on a regular basis.

For more information on mould, its effects and the solutions we offer, our blog will provide the answers you may be looking for. Or if you have any questions on condensation management, click here. As we continue, we will be delving into extractor fans in the kitchen space.

Kitchen Extraction Fans


At I-Sells we feel it is best to start this section off with the most frequently asked questions we have in regard to extractor units in the kitchen. So you can have peace of mind before we delve into the solutions that we offer.

Do you need an extractor fan in the kitchen?

Yes. Extractor fans in the kitchen will extract any residual humidity, preventing the consolidation of humidity which creates the perfect environment for mould if left unattended.

Do you need an extractor fan over a gas hob?

Ideally, yes. An extractor fan over a gas hob will easily remove and ventilate the steam or smoke that will come from whatever is being cooked or boiled over the hob. This type of extractor fan is also known as a cooker hood. Which is made specifically for use over a hob.

Do you need an extractor fan with an induction hob?

Again, the answer is yes. Even though induction hobs don’t use a flame like a regular gas hob, the contents being boiled or cooked on the hob will still produce steam and/or smoke, and will still need to be extracted with a cooker hood for optimum ventilation and humidity management.

Although cooker hoods will significantly improve humidity control in the kitchen, they are much louder and less energy efficient than an extractor fan, so it’s advised to only use a cooker hood whilst cooking.

Extractor fans will facilitate the removal of humid air in the kitchen at a fraction of the cost and sound too. With that being said, we’re happy to share with your our kitchen extractor range.

Kair Smart 100mm Intelligent Extractor Fan with Humidistat Timer & Data Logger

The Kair Smart 100mm Intelligent Extractor Fan with humidistat Timer & Data Logger is one of our best bathroom extractor fans with humidistat, featuring a 5-year warranty on parts included.

It boasts a Humidistat timer which means the fan will turn off itself after the room’s moisture level goes beneath a certain level. Along with smart sensors that constantly analyse the room it’s in.

Depending on your installation option, you can opt to pull a cord on the fan (or use a remote switch) to activate the boost mode, quickly ensuring any humidity or odour is dealt with at a faster rate.

The fan is double insulated meaning there is no earth connection, giving this fan the option of being installed on a ceiling, wall or window.

For a full breakdown of information, functions and price click here to see the full list of features and specifications.

Kair Mini Single Room Heat Recovery Ventilator with White Outer Grille
(min. 120mm hole diameter)

The Kair Mini Single Room Heat Recovery Ventilator – White outer Grille – (min 120mm hole diameter) offers higher levels of indoor air quality whilst recycling heat that is normally wasted with traditional extractor fans. It adds fresh & filtered air into your home whilst extracting stale, moist air.

Due to the rise in energy bills, this product can help save that little bit more money on your bills whilst also reducing your carbon footprint, as this ventilator only uses 1.8 Watts and is able to recycle up to 81% of heat and energy which would otherwise be wasted. It does this through one of its fan operation modes called “ventilation with energy recovery”. To see the full list of features and specifications, head over to our website now.

Please note, the two aforementioned products can also be used as bathroom extractor fans, please consider this when looking through our bathroom extractor fan list below.

Bathroom Extractor Fans – Do you need an extractor fan in your bathroom?


Yes. You need an extractor fan in your bathroom. As we highlighted earlier, bathrooms are a hotspot for the cultivation of humidity, and ultimately mould, this is due to the regular usage of hot water via showering or baths. Having moisture locking items such as a rug in the bathroom also contributes to mould being created.

As people collectively spend a lot of time in the bathroom, your health can seriously be affected if the bathroom is already mouldy. Opening a window, or using an extractor fan (ideally both) will help mitigate the development of mould if done properly and regularly.

Below are some solutions that we offer for bathroom ventilation.

Kair Guardian Power Pro PP100HTPLV Powerful Centrifugal Extractor Fan

The Kair Guardian Power Pro PP100HTPLV Powerful Centrifugal Extractor Fan features a 43,000-hour long-life motor and maintenance-free long-life ball bearings.

Alongside an energy-efficient EC motor, this model also offers two-speed options (which you can pre-select at installation at one set speed). The lowest speed clocks in at 15.5 decibels, meaning you can have efficient ventilation without the loudness of your standard extractor fan.

To view the full list of specifications and features, our website has all the information you need.

Kair Guardian Power Pro HTP

The Kair Guardian Power Pro HTP operates at an extremely low running cost, costing just 1p per day to run (using 28.00 pence per kWh as a comparison). Using its 100mm powerful centrifugal fan, this model can exhaust through long lengths of ducting up to 15M, or directly outside, showing amazing efficiency despite the low running costs of this model.

For a full understanding of this model’s pricing, features and specification, take a look at our website.

Kair Guardian Power Pro PP100P

The Kair Guardian Power Pro PP100P contains features such as the EC motor, double insulation and a shockproof, high-quality technopolymer casing. Whilst also being a financially friendly option to anybody on a limited budget.

To view this model and its full list of specifications, our website has all of the information you need.

Here to help you

We at I-Sells endeavour to make sure our customers have all the information they need before making the choice to invest in our products. Be sure to visit our blog page to gain knowledge on the wide array of factors and issues surrounding ventilation, mould, condensation, and much more.

We hope to have helped you understand the importance of ventilation whilst also helping you by answering the questionDo I need an extractor fan in the kitchen?” and “Do I need an extractor fan in the bathroom?”

We understand you may have more questions, Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information with regards to ventilation to in your bathroom or kitchen. If you’d like to send us an email, click here. For other contact options, see below:

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