Condensation creates mould and mildew in thousands of homes across the UK.

Not only is this unsightly, but it can become damaging to peoples health if it is allowed to get out of control.

It is formed when large amounts of water vapour are present within the air, (usually through bathing or cooking in most homes) and then settles against a cooler surface such as sheets of glass (windows) or cooler walls of the property.

The condensation buildup can on its own, lead to staining and deterioration of rubber seals around window frames, plaster and causing wood to rot.

When you then add heat to the situation, such as from your home central heating, you create a warm and moist atmosphere that is perfect for mould and mildew to thrive.

In these articles, we tackle the issue of condensation head-on. Without condensation, mould and damp cannot occur, so rather than having to fix mould in your home, why not prevent it entirely?

You will find tips and tricks to reduce prevent and control condensation levels within your home, and information on products that will make your home condensation and mould free.

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