Can You DIY Fit a MVHR System Yourself?

Can You DIY Fit a MVHR System Yourself?

Can You DIY Fit a MVHR System Yourself?

MVHR systems are a brilliant long-term investment, but sometimes, the cost of a MVHR system may make us wonder if installation can be done by yourself, to avoid further costs.

And if so, do you need a special set of skills to do it?

In this blog, we will answer the question ‘Can you DIY fit a MVHR system yourself?’

With new buildings being made to be as energy efficient as possible, and the UK aiming for 95% of its electricity usage to be low carbon by 2030, it is imperative to understand how we can make the most of our ventilation. This is where MVHR units come in.

To prevent mould, fresh air should constantly be introduced into your dwelling daily, as it helps to regulate temperature and reduce condensation. Introducing fresh air can be as simple as having a ventilation routine, or installing extractors or MVHR units. Almost all of this is facilitated by ducting.

At I-Sells, all things ventilation and ducting related is our speciality, and we are here to answer the questions you need to know.

What does DIY mean?

DIY stands for ‘Do it yourself’. This refers to many processes that you can do yourself without the services of a business to facilitate the job at hand. For example, making a table from scratch, rather than buying one. Even cooking can be classified as DIY, as the alternative is to order food, or visit a food establishment.

MVHR and its benefits

MVHR and its benefits

MVHR, which stands for ‘Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery’ is an advanced form of a ventilation system. Its advancement is characterised by the fact that it can retain the heat in the space it ventilates, whilst simultaneously filling the home with filtered outdoor air. MVHR units are available as a single or a multi-room unit.

Single room MVHR units are ideal for bathrooms or kitchens, whereas whole house units are appropriate for any home, as long as the home is appropriately insulated, you will feel the full effects of the MVHR unit.

Whether your home is new or old, MVHR is a win-win. Your home will feel comfortably warm, whilst also combatting the environments that mould thrives in. You gain the benefits of having fresh air, an environment with a reduced level of allergens, and peace of mind that you’re saving money on energy bills in the long-term.

The benefits provided by the system pale in comparison to the comfort you have knowing that mould will struggle to grow in your home. Mould can seriously affect anyone with an allergy to it, along with those with a compromised immune system.

MVHR benefits

The benefits of heat recovery systems are the following:

  • Temperature sensors ensure that additional heat is not being added to the atmosphere of the home if it is already hot.
  • Heat recovery systems take a lot of the burden from you conducting a ventilation routine. This is ideal for a vulnerable person.
  • Less of a need to use your central heating frequently as the heat generated through your house is recycled through the heat recovery unit.
  • The reduced use of heating as a result of the heat conservation granted by a heat recovery unit can help you save on energy bills.

Can you DIY fit a MVHR system yourself?

Can you DIY fit a MVHR system yourself?

Yes, MVHR systems can be installed without having to acquire installation surfaces. But, we would not advise that everybody take this route. You should only install a MVHR system yourself if:

  • You have experience installing a MVHR system in the past.
  • Have experience in DIY installations.
  • If you have permission by the homeowner to install a system yourself.
  • You don’t suffer from severe dust allergies.
  • The area of installation is structurally sound.

If you neglect to heed our advice, and you install a MVHR system without prior experience in it, or at least in DIY projects, you could experience the following:

  • Damages to your home that may require repairs.
  • Damages to the MVHR system or its components.
  • An incorrectly assembled MVHR unit.
  • Chances of condensation and eventually mould developing.
  • Request to take it down or replace/alter the installation after commissioning results.

How do I get my MVHR installed?

In order to acquire the services needed to install your MVHR unit, you must search for a ‘HVAC contractor.’ They can be found online or other directory formats. Some may be in your vicinity, whilst others provide services in various areas.

The likelihood is there would be a consultation, which may take place as a home visit. This is to ascertain the space available, and if there is anything in the home that would hinder the process. After this, they would likely provide a quote and go from there.*

If you want the best MVHR system suitable for your home, it may be worth contacting a HVAC contractor before buying your MVHR system, so they can advise what from our range is best suited to your home and needs.

*Please note that this is a general description of what may happen with a HVAC contractor. It does not reflect the individual practices and processes of every HVAC contractor.

When can you install MVHR?

Whether you’ve just moved into a home, just made one, or have been in the same one all of your life, MVHR can be installed at any time. In the case of a newly built house, or one in construction, it would be advisable to install the system before finishing the home.

Do MVHR systems require maintenance?

Yes, MVHR systems require maintenance. Depending on your system, it could be anything from every 3 months, to beyond. Your MVHR system will contain guidance on maintenance routines.

They will likely include changing the filter, and checking the status of the system and its components.

You know your MVHR system need maintenance when…

  • The system has become louder than usual.
  • There is a notable change of function.
  • There is dust in the vents.
  • There is dust on the filter.
  • Air flow intensity has altered without you attending to the system.
  • Condensation or humid environments have appeared in a room where they previously didn’t.

Do I have to maintain my MVHR unit myself?

Not at all, in fact, if you’re vulnerable to dust, or are unable to physically maintain the system, we encourage you to allow an expert to do it for you.

In order to get your MVHR unit maintained by an expert, contacting a local HVAC contractor may be able to get it done for you, or at the very least tell you who to contact. The benefit of having an expert conduct a maintenance check is that they can solve any issues that may be at hand, which saves you a headache!

Purchase a MVHR unit today

Purchase a MVHR unit today

We at I-Sells endeavour to ensure our customers have all the information they require before investing in our mould solutions. Be sure to visit our blog page to learn about the vast array of factors and issues surrounding ventilation, mould, condensation, and much more.

We hope to have answered the question ‘Can you DIY fit a MVHR system yourself?’

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