Benefits of a Timer-Equipped Bathroom Extractor Fan

Benefits of a Timer-Equipped Bathroom Extractor Fan

Benefits of a Timer-Equipped Bathroom Extractor Fan

Bathroom extractor fans play a major role in making our bathrooms useable. Timer-equipped bathroom extractor fans used to be the standard, and although it is still a retained feature on most modern extractor fans, the benefits of using the timer are quite underestimated.

With that in mind, In this blog, we will share the benefits of a timer-equipped bathroom extractor fan.

With new buildings being made to be as energy efficient as possible, and the UK aiming for 95% of its electricity usage to be low carbon by 2030, it is imperative to understand how we can make the most of our ventilation. This is where applications such as extractor fans and heat recovery ventilation units come in.

To prevent mould, fresh air should constantly be introduced into your dwelling daily, as it helps to regulate temperature and reduce condensation. Introducing fresh air can be as simple as having a ventilation routine, or installing extractors or MVHR units. Almost all of this is facilitated by ducting.

What does a bathroom extractor fan do?

What does a bathroom extractor fan do?

Bathroom extractor fans are made to improve ventilation in bathrooms. It does this by extracting the air within the bathroom. The main function is to remove humid air. Humidity occurs as a result of steam from showers or baths.

If this steam is not ventilated, it will form condensation against cold surfaces, if this condensation is not removed, it will eventually become a perfect habitat for mould to form. Additionally, bathroom extractor fans work to remove the smells that a bathroom can produce.

Mould in the bathroom

Mould in the bathroom is a serious issue, especially if it comes as a result of poor ventilation. Mould can be the cause of many health issues, as well as the degradation of your bathroom walls and surfaces. In addition to the damp smell and unsightly appearance, mould has the potential to spread beyond the room it developed in.

Mould can be removed with mould surface cleaners. However, you should be aware that mould can easily return under the following circumstances…

  • If the room containing it has not improved its ventilation at all.
  • If the mould was caused as a result of leaking pipes or structural issues that have not been fixed.

Although bathroom extractor fans can help to prevent mould from forming, they will not remove mould at all.

Benefits of a timer-equipped bathroom extractor fan

Benefits of a timer-equipped bathroom extractor fan

A timer-equipped bathroom extractor fan is extremely beneficial for a number of reasons. The best part, is that the timer feature is generally a standard feature amongst most modern bathroom extractor fans. The function of the timer is to allow the extractor fan to continue operating for a specific amount of time when the connected light is off.

Below are the key benefits you receive from using the timer of your bathroom extractor fan.

  • You do not have to manually turn on and off the extractor fan. This makes can contribute to a reduction in your bills, as well as providing an extra layer of efficiency.
  • Bathrooms are bound to be smelly sometimes. Having your extractor fan on a timer will help get rid of these smells, and will turn off itself. You can open a window to speed this process up.
  • Depending on the model of your extractor fan, the length of time can be altered to suit your needs.
  • You can save money by using the extractor less than it would be otherwise used.

Is it better to have a timer or sensor in your bathroom extractor fan?

In terms of efficiency, sensors are actually the better option. It allows the extractor fan to continue operating until the humidity has reduced from the sensors’ threshold. However, those who are conscious of their bills may find that a sensor may end up costing more in the long term, especially if the bathroom is already prone to mould.

Although both options are perfectly fine, you should always keep a window open whilst the extractor operates for the best possible results.

Do I have to use an extractor fan every time I use the bathroom?

Not at all. If you aren’t creating steam through a bath or a shower, you don’t have to have your extractor fan on. Depending on how you have installed it, you can simply switch it off so it doesn’t activate alongside the bathroom light.

Do timer-equipped bathroom extractor fans require different installation?

Not at all, you can install a timer-equipped bathroom extractor fan in the same way a regular extractor fan would be installed in your bathroom. The timer mechanism is generally built in to the hardware of the extractor fan.

Should a professional install a bathroom extractor fan?

Yes. Unless you or another resident in the house is a qualified electrician with experience in installing bathroom extractor fans. Using the services of a professional will ensure that not only the fan is working, but it is installed without compromising the electrics of the rest of the home.

Does installing a bathroom extractor myself nullify the warranty?

Although the stipulations of a warranty agreement will vary between manufacturers, there usually isn’t any stipulation that would nullify a warranty based on who installs the extractor fan. Though, you should confirm this with your chosen manufacturer.

Is it better to have a MVHR unit or an extractor fan?

An MVHR unit, in general, better than an extractor fan. This is because MVHR units have the properties of an extractor fan but with additional features. That being said, it would be better to have a MVHR unit if your bathroom and home is generally colder.

For homes that can effectively retain heat, an extractor fan works just as well. So the answer depends entirely on your home.

Single room MVHR units are ideal for bathrooms or kitchens, whereas whole house MVHR units are appropriate for any home, as long as the home is appropriately insulated, you will feel the full effects of the MVHR unit.

The benefits of heat recovery systems are the following:

  • Temperature sensors ensure that additional heat is not being added to the atmosphere of the home if it is already hot.
  • Heat recovery systems take a lot of the burden from you conducting a ventilation routine. This is ideal for a vulnerable person.
  • Less of a need to use your central heating frequently, as the heat generated through your house is recycled through the heat recovery unit.
  • The reduced use of heating as a result of the heat conservation granted by a heat recovery unit can help you save on energy bills.

Purchase a bathroom extractor fan today

Purchase a bathroom extractor fan today

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