Backdraught Shutter – Round Connector


Backdraught Shutter – Round Connector

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Hello, my name is Ducty and I live and work  here at i-sells. I am fascinated about my work and wish to always work here… unfortunately  I can only work at night, as during the day I stand outside our London-based Trade Counter to meet and greet customers and the delivery drivers who come and go.

I have started to read all your emails and decided to jump in and start a blog solving your ducting problems! If there is a question, write to me! Though I will not be able to reply to all of your questions, my colleagues will help me out during the day. What I will do is find the most asked questions so I can make a video with an answer. So if you have a question do let me know!

After reading your emails this month, I have found that the most common problem is draughts and smells in the duct run! The draught problem often occurs when an intermittent fan is not operational, and wind blows through the ducting system, causing irritation and cold-spots within the property. Problems with smells can occur when air is extracted or supplied to multiple rooms in the same ducting system, and smells from one room are carried through the duct run into another room. These problems are very common. Some customers even reported that they get bugs in their ducting system! I cannot allow this to continue when there is such a simple solution!

The solution is using a Round Connector With Damper, also commonly known as a “Backdraught Shutter“.

In this video I will explain and tell you how using a Backdraught Shutter will solve all your problems regarding smells, draughts or bugs in your ducting system.

It’s so simple, that I am amazed that not everybody knows it. Using a Back Draught Shutter you will be able to stop the draughts and smells, in your duct run.

View Product: 100mm backdraught shutter

The item in our video is a Kair System 100 (100mm Round) Connector, but don’t worry if – your duct run uses 125mm or 150mm ducts we have them the equivalent part for these systems! We even stock them in rigid metal! But I would not recommend it as I am made from it and believe you me, plastic doesn’t rust, but maintaining me will cost you an arm and a leg. Nevertheless I am resistant to heat, so if you require fireproof ducting you should choose rigid metal ducting.

As I have mentioned there is a damper for every system, and if 100mm ducting is not your system, don’t worry, no matter what ducting system you use, we have it for you! Ask us about our custom made ducting, to suit your needs.

Now you know how simple and inexpensive it is to solve these problems with draughts and smells blowing within your duct run.

Since it is my first blog post and video please, do tell me what I could have improved upon by leaving a comment or thumbs up!

Send me your questions. At  or leave a comment below and I will answer the most asked and common question in my next blog post with video.

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