Are Heat Recovery Systems Worth It?

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Are Heat Recovery Systems Worth It?

With household energy bills increasing by over 50% in 2022, people are now assessing options to invest in appliances that limit the need for excessive heating. This is followed by the UK aiming for 95% of its electricity usage to be low carbon by 2030.

I-Sells is here to show you the appliance you can invest in, that will help you reduce your energy bills, keep you warm and protect you from mould. This is done through a heat recovery unit.

In this article, we will address the question ‘Are heat recovery systems worth it? Whilst also share with you the benefits this technology can offer.

What is a heat recovery system?

A Heat recovery unit is a form of ventilation that facilitates the process of heat recovery ventilation (HRV). This is the process of extracting indoor stale or moist air and replacing it with filtered fresh air from outside, whilst recycling the warmth from the air it was replacing.

As of 2022 England and Wales scored a D in the latest stats for energy efficiency. (With A being the best and E being the least energy efficient).

From this, it is clear to see we still need some help with recycling heat and making the most of our energy. With a heat recovery unit, you get the benefits of ventilation whilst also making your home more energy efficient & also free from mould and condensation, which in turn will save money on energy bills and help to protect your health.

How does a heat recovery system work?

A heat recovery unit facilitates the removal of indoor humid or stale air and replaces it with fresh outdoor air which is also heated by recycling the heat from the indoor extracted air. Along with this, they have the ability to reduce the buildup of condensation, making your home or business less susceptible to mould.

The recycling of heat makes them more energy efficient and a good long-term investment to help you save on your energy bills.

Benefits of a heat recovery system

Here are some benefits of having a heat recovery system:

  • Less of a need to use your central heating frequently as the heat generated through your house is recycled through the heat recovery unit.
  • The recycling of indoor air without removal keeps the air fresh without having to lose any heat which is vital, especially in winter.
  • Helps to create an environment not fit for mould and condensation
  • The reduced use of heating as a result of the heat conservation granted by a heat recovery unit can help you save on energy bills.

Why is ventilation important in the first place?

Heat recovery systems build from the process of ventilation, but why is ventilation important in the first place? Ventilation helps to prevent humidity and condensation, which if left unattended becomes the perfect environment for mould to develop.

Condensation occurs when heat and moisture in the air is confined to a certain area, as this heat tries and fails to escape, droplets of water are created on cold surfaces. A good way to think about this is having a hot shower on a cold day and not opening your window.

The reason condensation creates mould is that a damp and humid environment is the optimum condition for mould to grow in. In regards to windows, it is a big problem if there is mould on your windows (it can usually be found in the corners of the windowpane or the walls connected to the window).

The reasoning is that mould particles can travel through the air without us seeing it, incidentally, this means opening a window with mould on it runs the risk of that mould being blown inside your room alongside the fresh air.

That being said, condensation is not the only cause of mould, it can occur from leaks in the structure of a building too.


Whether you choose an extractor fan, or a heat recovery system, our range can help to create a mould-free environment by addressing humidity and condensation. However, mould can still be a problem if you don’t have a ventilation routine, which can just be as simple as opening the window when showering, or using an extractor fan/opening a window whilst cooking.

How much does a heat recovery system cost?

As a supplier of heat recovery systems, we at I-Sells have a wide range of heat recovery systems from affordable to premium and everything in between, here are some of the range we offer.

Kair heat recovery extractor fan – 23VAC SELV Humidtat  – £286.00

The Kair KHRV150/12RH Single Room Heat Recovery Ventilator is perfect for you if you are looking to solve a damp problem in one of your rooms. Such as your kitchen, bathroom, utility room, living room, lavatory, washroom, conservatories, office and bedroom.

This unit is perfectly suited to your needs as it automatically controls the humidity of your room for you, so you can relax knowing that it will take care of everything for you. The unit also offers you continuous trickle ventilation, so it will constantly clean and purify the air you breathe. Continuous ventilation is the key to keeping your home mould free.

With it being low voltage and yet highly energy efficient,  it will help you save money on your heating bill. Up to 86% heat recovered from extracted air, means even in cold winter weather the incoming clean air will remain at almost the same room temperature.

Nuaire MRXBOX95AB-WM1 – £1038.00

The Nuaire MRXBOX95AB-WM1 has the ability to commission the supply and extract fans independently at both minimum and maximum speeds. This allows the unit to provide the perfect ventilation for the environment in which it is placed.

This is a medium-duty unit, ideal for small to medium-sized houses and apartments. It is compact, low profile and simple to install, providing the perfect solution for a wide range of properties.

The MRXBOX95 range of products can recover up to 95% of heat which would normally be wasted, this particular version is fitted with an automatic summer bypass as standard, which provides cooling during the warmer months.

It incorporates the most efficient low-voltage DC fans, a counter-flow heat exchanger and easily accessible controls. Added to extremely low noise levels and minimal maintenance requirements, this is an ideal way to provide effective MVHR new-build properties.


  • Compact, lightweight and easy to install
  • Fan controls designed for quick and easy commissioning
  • Easily accessible filters from the front cover – no tools required
  • Integrated, automatic summer bypass
  • Code 3 or above through SAP Q-eligible products
  • Part F & L building regulation compliant
  • Constant quiet running fans to ensure occupant acceptability
  • Integral frost protection
  • With a 5-year warranty: 1-year parts and labour, remaining years parts only (UK and Ireland only).

Still want to browse some more options? Not a problem, head over to our website today to view our full range of heat recovery systems to find the model that works for you.

Are heat recovery systems worth it?

When summarising whether or not heat recovery systems are worth it, we know that long term, heat recovery systems will prove to be a critical investment for any dwelling you plan to use or live in on an extended basis.

As energy bills increase, along with the growing sentiment from the government to be energy efficient, a heat recovery unit is definitely worth investing in to make the most out of your heat rather than unintentionally wasting it and potentially adding more to your energy bills.

Not only are you making a conscious decision to help the environment, but you are also keeping your home and its inhabitants warm and refreshed.

The extra benefit of helping to create a mould and condensation-free environment in your home is also invaluable, especially for those with mould allergies or existing health conditions.

The versatility and amount of options available when it comes to heat recovery units means that regardless of what room it gets put in, you instantly get to reap the benefits.

Invest in heat recovery systems with I-Sells

We at I-Sells endeavour to make sure our customers have all the information they need before making the choice to invest in our products. Be sure to visit our blog page to gain knowledge on the wide array of factors and issues surrounding ventilation, mould, condensation, and much more.

We hope to have helped you by answering the question ‘Are heat recovery systems worth it?’

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