Are All MVHRs Balanced?

Are All MVHRs Balanced?

Are All MVHRs Balanced?

MVHR systems need to be at their optimum performance in order for you to get the most out of it. So is there anything you need to do when installing a MVHR system, or do adapt themselves?

In this blog, we will address the question ‘Are all MVHRs balanced?’

With new buildings being made to be as energy efficient as possible, and the UK aiming for 95% of its electricity usage to be low carbon by 2030, it is imperative to understand how we can make the most of our ventilation. This is where MVHR units come in.

To prevent mould, fresh air should constantly be introduced into your dwelling daily, as it helps to regulate temperature and reduce condensation. Introducing fresh air can be as simple as having a ventilation routine, or installing extractors or MVHR units. Almost all of this is facilitated by ducting.

Why do we need MVHR units?

With the cost of living crisis and the increase in our bills, it is only natural that we would want to find ways to keep our home warm. MVHR units (short for ‘Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery’) aren’t a central heating system, they work to ventilate the air in your home, whilst recycling any hot air that would be lost.

The benefit of this is that you are losing a dramatically smaller amount of heat, meaning your home will be comfortably warmer. In turn, this means that you are less likely to use your central heating, unless you want your home to be toasty!

Additionally, MVHR units also combat humidity and condensation, both of which are key contributing factors to mould. Mould can seriously affect your health and the air quality of your home. Using a MVHR unit in conjunction with a ventilation routine is one of the best ways to prevent mould.

MVHR units are available in single or multi-room units.

The advantages of heat recovery systems are the following:

  • Temperature sensors ensure that additional heat is not being added to the atmosphere of the home if it is already hot.
  • Heat recovery systems take a lot of the burden from you conducting a ventilation routine. This is ideal for a vulnerable person.
  • Less of a need to use your central heating frequently as the heat generated through your house is recycled through the heat recovery unit.
  • The reduced use of heating as a result of the heat conservation granted by a heat recovery unit can help you save on energy bills.

Are all MVHRs balanced?

Are all MVHRs balanced?

No. Because everybody’s homes are different, a MVHR system will need to be balanced after installation. Balancing a MVHR system is finding the optimum way for the system to intake and exert air in the most efficient manner. Balancing, a MVHR unit is needed for your MVHR unit to be commissioned.

What happens if MVHR isn’t balanced?

If your MVHR unit isn’t balanced, you can expect that your system may not work as effectively as it should in relation to your home. In addition to this, here are some possible issues you can face if you don’t balance your MVHR system.

  • Dust can easily develop in the vents.
  • The system may be over exerting in some areas.
  • The system may be under exerting in some areas.
  • Outdoor air intake may not be balanced with the indoor air extraction.
  • The system may be loud.
  • There could be a chance of moisture appearing in the vents.

Which MVHR units don’t need balancing?

All MVHR units require balancing, this includes single-room units. However, single room units don’t need to be commissioned.

What is MVHR commissioning?

MVHR commissioning is the process of having your MVHR system tested to ensure it is balanced. MVHR systems operate differently depending on the dwelling they are placed in, as well as the size of the rooms and more, which is why commissioning is required.

A further reason for MVHR commissioning is to ensure the system meets ‘part F’ of UK building regulations. ‘Part F’ is a regulation based on ventilation requirements to maintain indoor air quality.

Where can I get MVHR commissioning?

There are many certified MVHR commissioners in and around the UK. The easiest method is a simple internet search for any in your locality. Alternatively, the installer of your MVHR system may themselves have contacts that commission MVHR too, so asking them is the best way forward.

Do not get your MVHR system commissioned from anyone who is not BPEC certified, or holds any such relevant qualification. We at I-Sells deal with all things ventilation, so if you’re really struggling to find a verified MVHR commissioner, get in touch with us, and we will attempt to help you find one.

Do all MVHR systems need commissioning?

No, only whole-house units. Single-room MVHR systems don’t need to be commissioned, but must still be installed correctly, so they are balanced.

How much does MVHR units cost?

How much does MVHR units cost?

The cost of MVHR systems vary between the type of MVHR unit you need. Naturally, single-room units will cost less than whole-house units. Our range of MVHR units begin at £262, all the way to £2895.

Below we will share some information on our most cost-effective single room, and whole house units. You can click here to view our full range of MVHR units.

Single room unit – Kair Heat Recovery Extractor Fan – 12VAC SELV – Humidistat

At £299.94 The Kair Single Room Heat Recovery Ventilator is perfect for you if you are looking to solve a damp problem in one of your rooms. Such as your kitchen, bathroom, utility room, living room, lavatory, washroom, conservatories, office, and bedroom.

This unit is perfectly suited to your needs as it automatically controls the humidity of your room for you, so you can relax knowing that it will take care of everything for you.

The unit also offers continuous trickle ventilation, it will constantly clean and purify the air you breathe. Continuous ventilation is key to keeping your home mould free.

Nuaire Mrxboxab-ECO3 High Duty Wall Mounted Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit With Bypass And Integral Humidistat

At £2,138.40 , This whole house unit provides the most effective, balanced supply and mechanical extract ventilation with heat recovery, with an automatic summer bypass as standard. 

The MRXBOX-ECO3 is a high performance, powerful unit which has an extremely low Specific Fan Power (SFP) and uses ultra-modern low voltage DC fans. But, is still powerful enough to provide excellent ventilation for medium to large properties with up to seven wet rooms.

This unit recovers up to 95% of heat which would otherwise be wasted, whilst also reducing power consumption. The unit is an ultra-quiet unit with a long life motor, which makes for low running and operating costs, straightforward maintenance and years of trouble-free operation.

Buy a MVHR system today

Buy a MVHR system today

We at I-Sells endeavour to ensure our customers have all the information they require before investing in our mould solutions. Be sure to visit our blog page to learn about the vast array of factors and issues surrounding ventilation, mould, condensation, and much more.

We hope to have answered the question ‘Are all MVHRs balanced?’

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