5 signs your home could be at risk from mould

Mould in bedroom

5 signs your home could be at risk from mould

No homeowner wants to be confronted with mould in their house. Yet it’s an unfortunately common issue faced by householders. Not only is mould unsightly, it can also have terrible effects to the health and appearance of your home. It can also exacerbate existing health problems.
Worried your house could be at risk from a mould infestation? Here are the top signs to watch out for….

Mould in bedroom

1. Condensation

Seeing water in your home where it doesn’t belong can be an early sign your home is headed for a serious mould issue.
Condensation can appear in many ways, from the obvious, such as water on your windows, to more extreme cases of wet surfaces.
Noticing this early can provide a valuable warning.
Improved ventilation is needed, as condensation can be reduced by adding an extract fan or a whole house ventilation system

2. Health Problems

Breathing conditions are often affected by mould, damp and condensation in a property. If you find yourself feeling wheezy or light-headed, this could be a sign there is a mould problem within your home. The worsening of conditions such as asthma is also a possible sign you could have a mould problem growing in the household.

3. Water Leaks

Leaking water pipes and general water problems within the house all-too-often lead to the growth of household mould. Look out for changes in colour or stains on the walls, ceiling or floor. All these provide a sign there could be a mould problem developing as a result of excess moisture. The first action to take would be to find and solve the cause of the leaks and have these resolved. If you still find you have a humidity issue in the house, a dehumidifier can help to ease this.  

4. Visible Mould

It goes without saying that if you can see mould around your home, then you have a mould problem. The scale of the problem though could long be hidden from view while it worsens.
Even if the patch of mould appears to be small, remember this is only what is visible to you. It likely isn’t an sign of the full scale of the problem, and a much bigger issue might be imminent. Always treat mould immediately when it appears, and know the signs to look out for.
Mould doesn’t always look the same; it can appear in a wide range of different colours or textures.

5. Strange Smells

A persistent ‘musty’ smell in an otherwise clean house could be an sign of  a big mould problem brewing. Proper ventilation is needed to combat household mould, so head to our online store. We have a full range of products designed to help combat this tricky but common problem. You will then be on track for a mould-free home.
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